Formalin-fixed Paraffin-embedded Tumor Samples – FFPE

  • Fixed in 10 % neutral formalin for 24-72 hours
  • Embedded in immunohistochemical grade paraffin
  • Standard sample size: 0.5×0.1×1 cm

The fixation and the embedding  materials can be customized upon request.

Malignant Tumor FFPE Tissue Sample List:

Biliary Cancer Head and Neck Cancer Pancreatic Endocrine Cancer
Bladder cancer Kidney Cancer Pancreatic Exocrine Cancer
Bone Cancer Kidney Pelvis Cancer Prostate Cancer
Brain Cancer Liver Cancer Skin Cancer
Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Soft Tissue
Cervical Cancer Lymphoma Thyroid Cancer
Colorectal Cancer Melanoma Uterine Cancer
Esophageal Cancer Other Lymphomas and Hematological Cancers
Gallbladder Cancer Other Skin Cancers
Gastric Cancer and GEJ Cancers Ovarian Cancer

In addition of malignant tumor samples, we can provide normal tissue and benign tumor FFPE tissue samples.

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